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What is a recruitment agency?

Kevin Sutter

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Craig Stewart on January 17, 2018

A recruitmentagency is someone businesses can turn to when looking forcandidates to hire for a specific position opening. A good exampleof an agency that does the recruiting is Herd Freed Hartz, theNorthwest leading retained executive search firm. The processHerd Freed Hartz used has three steps: strategy, story andresults. Of the strategy . Listening to the client's history to understand and, coupled with the role and the main outcomes desired is the first step in targetingthe ideal candidate. The narration of stories . On behalf of the client's brand in the market, helpsthem to stand out from the competition and ensuring a great candidateexperience. Results . On average, within 37 days, the right executive talent isdelivered. All agenciesthat do the recruiting of use of different strategies. When the search for anexecutive search firm, consider the possibility of Herd Freed Hartz to meet thecandidates that are appropriate for your company.

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