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What is a PSI online test?

I applied for a job in a multinational company a few months ago. Last week, I received the reply from the company  asking me to appear for an interview. In the reply, it is mentioned that I should take a psi online test, that is, employment personality testing. Can anyone help me understand what this test is? Are there some sample tests or study materials available to prepare for this psi exam? Is it necessary for me to have some training before applying for this exam to perform well? What is the nature of the questions in this test and what strategies should I adopt to get an impressive score?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 22, 2018

You are one among the many candidates who are asked by the would-be employer to take the online psi test known as personality test for employment conducted by PSI. PSI is a company that offers talent assessment service to employers in both private and public sectors. According to the company website, there are six different psi exams for the purpose of talent assessment.
They are PSI True to Life Assessments, Ability Assessments, Personality & Behavioral Assessments, Computer Skills Tests, and Public Safety & Civil Service Testing.

In your case, it is clear that you are required to take the personality test. According to the company’s website, the personality and behavioral assessments of psi uses ViewPoint to assess personality and behavior. In the test, the candidate’s attitudes and behaviors are assessed in areas like team building, business continuity, sales focus, and customer satisfaction. In addition to this, there are six sub-assessments like WorkView, ServiceView, TenureView, SalesView, Professional/ManagerView, and General Personality Survey.

Now, regarding practice, you will get plenty of study materials and practice tests if you are willing to pay for it. In fact, it is worth trying because for many organizations, this is the only way to assess your nature other than resume screening and interviews. These tests appear at the early stages of the hiring process where the number of candidates will be high. At that stage, not getting enough score in the personality test which is totally in your hands is rather foolish. The reason why I said the personality test is ‘in your hands’ is that no other parts of the hiring process are completely in your control. To illustrate, the screening of your resume and your success in the interview depend, to some extent, on other people as well because these are done manually. On the other hand, your personality test is fully computerized and your result is totally in your hands.

If you are taking the psi personality test, the best place for you to start practice is JobTestPrep’s PSI preparation pack. This will help you become familiar with the test format and its possible questions. Obviously, the personality tests often contain questions which seem to have little connection with the job you do. So only with proper practice you will be able to understand the perfect way of answering for each type of question. In other words, you can manage a much better score through practice than you could without practice.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

Well, I took the Caliper personality test last year. As a part of the preparation, I bought some online preparation packs and found them really useful. In employment personality testing, the questions can be generally categorized into three groups. They are statement based personality test questions, forced choice personality test questions, and open ended questions. The statement based questions will present you with a statement and ask you to show the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement on a scale from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’. In forced choice questions, you will be given a few words or statements and you will have to arrange them according to the extent they resemble your personality, from the statement that is the most like you to the one that is the least like you. In some tests, you will have to answer open-ended questions as well. From my personal experience, the key to getting a good score in these personality tests is to view the questions from the employer’s point of view.

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