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What is a possible turning point for the continuous function f(x)? (-2,0)(0,-2)(2,-1)(4,0)

Ronald Miller

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Theresa Perry on February 5, 2018

Let's start from here.The four given points are (-2,0),(0,-2),(2,-1),(4,0).When you plot these points on the coordinate axes and joining all these points, you are going to obtain the shape of a triangle.A line lies completely in the x-axis, the other of the two is below the x-axis.These two lines intersect at (0,-2). Now this is the point of inflection of the curve because the curve takes a turn from here.The meaning of continuity is that there should be break points in the function.But the function is broken in (-2,0),(0,-2)&(4,0).So that in all these points, the function of the self.and triangular curve takes the turn.So this could also be the turning point.

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