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What is a paralegal?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Justin Parker on September 26, 2018

A paralegal is a professionally trained and educated legal assistant who is certified in paralegal studies who works under the supervision of a licensed attorney. She/he can be employee of a law office or work freelance independent for various lawyers. A paralegal can perform routine tasks that require a bit of knowledge of the law and procedures and can manage a small law firm. Depending on your skills, experience and level of training of the responsibilities can cover a wide range, including but not limited to, the following: conduct initial interviews with clients, digest transcripts and depositions, review and catalog discovery, to act as an intermediary between lawyers and their clients, draft court documents, maintain files, perform title examinations, conducting real estate closings, assist in legal research, the draft of the correspondence to other attorneys, and customers related to the course of cases, obtaining background information, etc., A good paralegal can be an invaluable resource for the busy attorney. Some of the companies hire paralegals to do legal work that doesn't require a lawyer.

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