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What is a one syllable descriptive word that starts with n?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Donald Ward on April 23, 2019

By a descriptive word, I assume you mean an adjective. Here is a list of one-syllable adjectives that begin with n, and there aren't many: nice neat new nude numb null near next north (as in, "the door of the north," "north wind," "north course") night (as in, "a night nurse," "a night raid," "the night hours") nuts (meaning insane or crazy," She's nuts") net (as in "net force,""net income," "net earnings") Nash (meaning firm, stiff, hard) nothing (meaning lost, gone, ruined) neap (low; this definition usually refers to tides) necked (used in phrases like "stiff-necked." It can also mean "cracked.") ribbed (have nerves) nesh (sensitive, tender, delicate) nibbed (have a nib/point, or one of a particular class, as in "broad-nibbed pen") near (near or approaching) nil (has no value or existence) of the nine (amounting to nine in number) ninth, next after the eighth; being one of nine equal parts) is not (not; not at all; far from being, "he is not a genius"; very little or negligible) none (This is an archaic usage. This means that not any or not.) Norse (of or pertaining to ancient Scandinavia or its inhabitants; Norwegian), nose (have a nose) now (that covers the latest fashion/fashion: "the now look") nowed (knotted; tied in a knot) cancelled

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