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What is a new student orientation?

I am curious what a new student orientation is and whether it is something important because I will be attending a VCU new student orientation next month. I was accepted to study at that university and before I start classes, I need to go to that new student orientation VCU meeting on campus.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on August 9, 2018

There are high school students who have already visited some universities or colleges because their siblings study there or because they went there to take special programs, such as summer courses for high school students.

However, many new students only go to explore the campus after they get admitted into that university. University authorities are aware of the need that new students have to get familiar with their higher education institution before they begin classes. Therefore, they design a series of activities to help new students understand how the university works and what rules they must follow in order to have a pleasant stay while they study there. Those activities make up what is called orientation for new students.

VCU requires its new students to attend NSO (new student orientation). If you are a transfer student, international student or student that is resuming studies, you will have to attend NSO too.
The new student orientation at VCU for recent high school graduates takes 2 days in fall and 1 day in spring ( You will need to stay overnight in a university dorm. The fee for accommodation in fall is $150 and it also covers orientation materials, lunch, and dinner the first day of the orientation and only breakfast the second day. The fee in spring is $75.

You need to make a reservation to participate in NSO. There are two events over the year. Choose your dates according to the time you start studies in spring or fall. Please note that your registration will not be considered complete until your online payment is received. Family and guests can attend NSO, provided that they pay a $50 fee in summer or $25 fee in spring. They will need to plan by themselves their overnight stay in the city of Richmond.

If you want to know the distribution of activities during NSO, you can consult the Virginia Commonwealth University new student orientation schedule at  

In order to see updated schedules and locations, you can download the VCU Ram guide from Google Play or the App Store.


Karen Wrighta year ago

I think that my favorite activity when I was in college was the orientation for new students. After that, when classes began, I had many subjects to study and I had to focus on getting good grades to keep my scholarship and be in good standing in college. There was no time to waste. But the orientation days were very nice because besides speeches from college staff that were very informative and welcoming, by the way, there were also some nice activities with good music and theater plays. I had a great time and it was much more than what I had thought it would be. My parents enjoyed it too because parents were also invited to that event to know better the institution that their children will attend. In my opinion, it is important to go to the orientation evets and it is not necessarily boring or uninteresting.  

Cynthia Bakera year ago

Without a new student orientation, I think that it would have taken me a lot of time to know my university. I think that it is very useful and every new student should go to that activity at their university, as a good way to meet their new teachers and classmates and discover the campus. It is the perfect occasion to do all that at once. I have not been to a VCU new student orientation, but I have no doubt that it will be a nice event to attend.  

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