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What is a maintenance grant?

I am expecting to join college next year for my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. I have very little resources to support my education, and I would like to be provided with some advice and guidance on how to access different financial aids. I will appreciate a lot if someone can help me understand the meaning of a maintenance grant. I will be glad if I can get information concerning maintenance grant 2018 eligibility requirements. I also wish to be enlightened on how to apply for student maintenance grant. I will be so grateful if I can be provided with any important details concerning university maintenance grant.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Derrick Little on September 13, 2018

Maintenance grants are the form of student aids that are given to students for free to help with the payment of accommodation and other personal expenses. These types of grants can also be referred to special support grants, and you can always apply for them if you are a full-time college student. Different governments offer special support grants to needy students alongside government study loans. For students residing in Northern Ireland, it is possible to access a support grant if you’re enrolled in a higher education institution.

Eligibility and the level of the grant will be dictated by the net household income. You can always apply for the grant at the same time you will be applying for the student loan via the student finance application portal or the FAFSA portal if you’re a United States citizen or national. The 2017 maintenance grant eligibility formula was no different from those used in the previous years. The basic consideration in awarding the grant is based on the degree of neediness and the student’s academic ability.

You can get up to $ 4,000 if your household income is below $ 20,000. If you your household income falls between $ 20,000 and $ 45,000, you may be awarded a partial grant depending on your family’s economic situation. Students coming from homes with a household income of above $45,000 are not eligible for study grants. Note that it is not always a guarantee that you will get a grant if you come from a disadvantaged background. There are many other factors that are considered including your current sources of funding and your academic performance. If you’re being sponsored or studying on a full scholarship program, you will not be eligible for the grant. So, do not waste your time and energy applying for any grant if you clearly understand you don’t meet the set requirements.

Since you can apply for a grant alongside study loans, there is a possibility that the amount of loan you get may affect the amount of a grant you get. However, if you satisfy the award criteria, you will still get the money. Student maintenance grants are usually awarded to:

  • Single parents
  • Other student parents with partners who are also students
  • Student with disabilities
  • Orphaned students
  • Students from very poor backgrounds

To start applying for any grant or loan, you will need to create an account with your local commission or department that is charged with the responsibility of financing higher education.
There are more other student categories that may be eligible for university maintenance grants. You can contact the support centre at your local higher education commission’s office. Ensure that you check the internet for information concerning the available financial aids.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Information is a very powerful tool in the present century. Lack of proper access to new and informative education can make a student life very difficult. I do concur with above answer regarding maintenance grants.
In some countries, the grant for maintenance is distinct from the special support grant, and the student is encouraged to apply for either separately. However, you can only qualify for one study grant at a time, and you should, therefore, apply for just one. Most current students and those who joined college after 2006 can get a study grant if they wish.

In some cases, a student’s economic status may change, and in such a case, he or she is required to inform the concerned agencies of such a change. In the context whereby the status has fallen below $ 20,000 or any other set threshold, students or their family will be expected to produce supporting documents that will help them access a higher grant. 

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