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What is a list of legitimate work from home?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on February 17, 2019

There is none. Well, that is a little too pessimistic. There are legitimate work-from-home jobs, but nearly all of them involve doing something that you already know how to do, or can learn to do on your own, and you are going to start your own business in comparison with the work by another person of the employee. Again, there are exceptions... I did a bit of work once for a guy that needed (I swear I'm not making this up) "tassels" made from nylon string picked up in a loop with the ends, then peeled out your business involved in recruiting companies send little cards and gifts to their customers, and these tassels were used to make the cards look "more elegant"). However, these types of jobs are few and far between. Any "work from home opportunity" where there is a network of security against the cash flow to the company offering the "opportunity" to "training" or supplies, or equipment) is almost certainly a scam.

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