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What is a house and what is a home?

Kevin Sutter

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on February 1, 2019

house -n. (pl.) 1 the construction of human settlements. 2 building for a special purpose or for animals or goods (opera-house; summer-house; chicken coop). 3 a religious community. b Its buildings. 4 a body of pupils living in the same building at a boarding school. b such a building. c the division of a school day for games, contests, etc 5 the royal family or the dynasty of the House of York). 6 a company or institution. b of its facilities. 7 legislative or deliberative assembly. b building for this. 8 audience or performance in a theatre etc, house -n. 1 a place where one lives; fixed residence. b housing. 2 family circumstances (comes from a good home). 3 native land. 4 institution for care of persons or animals. 5 place where a thing originates, is kept, or is native or most common. 6 a finishing point in a race. b (in games) the place where no one is safe; the goal. 7 Sport home match or win. -attrib. adj.

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