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What is a good excuse for being late?

Kaitlin Dean

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Caroline Campbell on May 21, 2018

If I find someone or have an appointment, you should always give yourself at least an extra half hour and more if you have to travel a considerable distance. These are some of the excuses: . Illness (but you should phone the person or cancel the appointment as soon as possible . Mechanical problems with your vehicle . The Work of the road and had to swerve . An emergency happened (it had better be good.) . An appointment has had to be changed . The overtime work. Short of death there are no excuses with the exceptions of the above. Once you figure out what is the problem, then, most people have a cell phone and can be used to call the person or the person who has a business appointment and explain what has happened. If you simply want to lie, here are two great excuses for being late. "I'll probably be late tonight because I have a class project meeting at Starbucks this evening." "I'm stuck on the side of the road because I accidentally ran over a pick-axe on the highway that made my tire blow-out." If you need more excuses, be sure to check the website of "a good excuse".

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