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What is a good book to read before school starts?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on August 2, 2019

A good book to read before school starts would be a book that youenjoy reading or a book that you know you will be reading in school suspension. Or books in a series that I could read orsee the summersuch as "The Chronicles of Narnia" or "Little House on thePrairie" of the series. There are plenty of classics to choose from: "Great expectations","Jane Eyre", "the Lost Paradise", "A Christmas carol", and many others. Another type of book to read, would be one that has been made into amovie. One of these would be "The Giver" and it can be a book that you willread in the school. "Holes" is another that was made into a movieand is studied in some schools. Also "the Lion, The Witch and theWardrobe", "around the World in 80 Days", "Romeo and Juliet", andmany others.

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