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What is a bursary, what is the eligibility, what do I need to know about it and how do I apply?

I hear students get supported by the student grants UK in financing their education through bursaries. This could help me cover the overall cost of a college experience. I am twenty-one and am studying at a college in England. I have tried funding my education with my money but I feel I cannot cover all expenses on my own; a student hardship fund could come in handy. Is there a place stuffed with bursary forms for people to pick or is application done online? While answering this please tell me what is a bursary.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 2, 2018

What a bursary is can be simply defined as a grant that enables someone to pursue studies at a college or a university. You use bursary to pay for books, clothing and equipment. A bursary also takes care of lunch and transport in days of studying or training. Hardship funds for students are also available in case of emergencies. It is possible to apply and get a bursary if you are sixteen to nineteen and you are on a course and unpaid work experience in a publicly funded college or school. If you are nineteen and over, do not be worried. You are eligible to apply for a bursary if you are continuing that you started pursuing at age sixteen to seventeen. In other words, a nineteen plus continuer is eligible. You also have eligibility if you are registered in an education or a health care plan. If you have a EHCP or are over nineteen, you should talk to your institution and see if you can get a discretionary bursary as you continue to pursue your education. For a residency bursary, one needs to meet conditions for residency to be eligible. Talk to your school and they will check if you qualify. If you come from Scotland and wish to study in England, you need to contact local authorities back at home for how to make an application for Scottish EMA. Conversely, if you have traveled to Scotland from England, you need to contact England’s authorities you start filling bursary application forms since it is impossible to get the Scottish EMA. If you are a student from Wales wishing to study in England, it is advisable to contact the Welsh authority to make an application for the Welsh EMA since it’s impossible to get the vulnerable bursary. For a study bursary, you need to be studying an institute of education that has been inspected by a body that certifies institutions’ quality. If studying part time, you need to have enough hours of study; your school will check this and approve or decline your application. If approved the number of hours sent will also determine the amount of funding you will get. For distant learners pursuing their courses in public funded institutions, you may lack the costs that the bursary was designed to cater for such as equipment, uniforms and transport. If interested in UK student grants, visit your bursary officers in your institution and they will look at your case and inform you of eligibility. For private institutions, it is unusual to get a bursary. You can only apply if you were referred by the local authorities that also couples up as your financier.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I will not repeat the useful things you have said. I will only explain how to apply for bursaries. You need to talk to your tutor or the finance department at your school before you start applying for a bursary or a student hardship fund. They are in the best position to guide you on what to do. You should apply soonest possible so that processing can start soonest possible. Note that some institutions have limited finances and may only allocate funds on a first come first serve basis. The institution will let you know about closing dates for applying as well as the necessary documents. If it is an emergency fund that you are after, some colleges keep funds to assist learners who require emergencies in the course of the year due to change in circumstances. Some schools extend one-off services by having separate funding not connected to the main bursary.

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