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What is a bursary?

I will be joining the university in six months. I know there is a lot that I have to acquaint myself with regarding the student grants UK. I have heard that there are many establishments that offer bursaries to help students finance their education. I need to know how I can find some bursary forms in preparation for my university education. I have heard about student hardship fund but I do not have any information about it. Anyone who has the information of “what is a bursary” can share with me.

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on September 24, 2018

It is amazing how you have started preparing for your education many days before the actual reporting day. I commend you for it. Many students do not find the need of early preparation and end up missing many things relating to their studies. I have seen students who struggle in raising finances when they can find help from the state to finance their studies. Such students do not spend time looking for what is important concerning their life. You are one of few students that are enthusiastic about their education. I like how you want to find the information. It is a common word and few people can dare ask what a bursary is, I like your drive, you do not care about what other people say. Bursary is a monetary award that one is granted basing on the financial needs. It is important to note that bursaries are not merit-based rather base on the demonstrated financial need. They are not the primary source of money but can supplement the source of funding.

In order to secure a bursary, ensure that your information is complete. Have relevant evidence that will demonstrate your financial need. It will be easier for the committee to assess your prevailing situation when you have complete information. Ensure that you submit your documents on time. Always be realistic. Many students fill the bursaries’ forms with an aim of getting more money. They give false information that cannot be verified. This may make you fail to receive the funds that you are looking for.

Sometimes due to high financial need, students exhaust the amounts they receive from the loans and bursaries. When you join the university and you experience it, do not hesitate to seek help to get students hardship funds. The funds can help international students who face unexpected financial difficulties. Many learners may not have the information and end up suffering when there is a provision to help them in their studies. There is a lot that a student can enjoy thanks to UK student's grants. When you seek information in advance, you get more time to prepare the documents that will help you get more grants to finance your education. You should remember different establishments have different requirements and deadlines. Identify them and prepare all the documents that will help you get the best.

Brian Warner2 years ago

Ever since I joined college, I have never found the need to do things in advance. I find the information to be timely and I am grateful that you have spent the time to share it with us. I have missed many things that I could have found with prior preparations. I am sure when I focus on it, it will be easier for me to get the bursaries. I have understood more about it, I have known the mistakes I do that hinder me from securing financial aid. Now I know how to handle bursary forms to get the best from them. I am confident the information will help many students who have financial challenges and are seeking assistance.  

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