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What invention allowed for the development of small personal computers? A. Satellites B. The Internet C. The fax machine D. The microprocessor

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 3, 2019

The answer is D. The microprocessor."The microprocessor allowed for the development of small personal computers.A microprocessor is one element that plays to the guidelines and the companies associated with the preparation of PC. In a PC framework, the microchip is the central unit that runs and deals with the same guidelines of the same. A microprocessor is the most essential part of the unit inside a PC framework and is responsible for the preparation of the exceptional provision of guidelines and procedures. A microchip is the intent to run consistently and computational of the companies with common tasks, for example, the expansion/subtraction, between processes, and gadget of the correspondence of input/output management, and so on. A microchip is the fact of incorporating the circuits that contain a large amount of transistors; precisely what the number is dependent on its ratio of computing power.

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