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What, in general, was the relationship between parliament and kings charles ii and james ii?a. the kings respected parliament’s limits on their power.b. the kings were able to increase their power at the expense of parliament.c. the kings continued to challenge parliament's authority.d. the kings gave in to parliament when there was a disagreement.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on January 24, 2019

The correct answer is letter B - the kings were able to increase their power at the expense of the parliament.Charles II fought with his relations with the parliament during his reign, especially because his father was executed by the Parliamentarians. Between 1681 and 1685 provided the Parliament and ruled as an absolute monarch. Dies in February of 1685.The next king, james II, who is also known for his struggles with the parliament. In the first place, because he was the last Roman Catholic monarch of England. He tried to create a freedom of religion, but the Anglican establishment, it creates a struggle between the monarch and the Parliament. In July of 1687 ordered the Parliament never to meet again in his reign.

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