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What impact did the education reform act have on the society?

Since the introduction of education, different people have called for the reforms in the sector at different times. I am working on a project about training, and there are some things I would like to know about the industry. What was the impact education reform act on all the players in the education sector? What should be done to ensure we have a successful education reform in the country? How successful have government education reforms been and what have been some of their impacts? Is anti education reform a threat in any way? What are some of the issues raised by those against education reform? Your responses will be highly regarded.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 13, 2018

Education Reform-Act was passed in 1988. This act led to the introduction of National Curriculum (NC) in the UK. The parents got a chance to choose which school was their preferred choice for their students. Another impact of this act was the introduction of the Local Management Schools (LMS). Education is a very complex sector due to the cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic differences among others. As a result, developing a policy that meets the needs and expectations of everyone in the society is a very challenging task. Successful education reforms should have the following characters. First, such a change should be well designed. There must be a mechanism to assess the effectiveness of each design at the implementation stage. Secondly, those working in the education sector need to be trained on how to implement the reform. Lastly, for any education reform, the student learning should be the primary focus.

Over the years, various government educational reforms have been enacted and implemented. These changes have been largely successful in achieving their goals. Child labor is no longer a problem in the United States after reforms requiring children to attend schools were enacted. Public schools are now financed by taxes thanks to reforms. Through education reforms, public schools are now taught by highly-trained and qualified teachers. Besides, children from low-income have been able to access education, courtesy of education reforms. The opening of the many public schools in America has only been possible through ambitious education reforms that have been introduced and implemented in the country. Through reforms, the role of government in education has been greatly enhanced leading to standardization of education in the country.

Despite the great importance of education in our society, there have always been anti-education reform crusaders. These are people who have always held a different opinion when it comes to carrying out changes in this sector. Although they have been unsuccessful in most of their attempts, their sentiments have become known. For instance, some have argued that the public schools have low school dropout than private schools meaning there is no need to reform them. They also argue that the high scores reported by private and charter schools are as a result rich family background for most students. As a result, the students have more time and resources to spend on education than those from low-income families. Although these people have not been successful in pushing their agenda forward, they have helped in thinking of another way of looking at education reforms. The effectiveness of any education reform should match the financial resources allocated. There is a need to always evaluate the effectiveness of any reform that is implemented.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

It is quite difficult to have successful education reform. This is mainly because those responsible for designing such a reform are not the ones who implement it. As a result, there is a misunderstanding between the designers and the implementers on how the reforms should be executed. Moreover, the successfulness and effectiveness of any reform is affected by the implementer and not necessary on its design. If the educators are not happy with any reform, they will do anything to show that the program is no favorable. Due to this challenge, most designers have discovered the importance of involving all stakeholders in the designing stage. It is important to note that education reforms have been critical in our country. Reforms have led to the development of a curriculum that meets the needs of people at that particular. Reforms have allowed for the use of technology in schools and development of subjects that teach the required skills. Educational reforms have been critical in enhancing technological innovation in the world at large.

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