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What immigrant editorial can you advise to get to know the current news?

I’m writing an essay on the matters of immigrants in the U.S. there is a lot of data on the matter, but most of it is a couple years old. A quality immigrant editorial would be a great source of the current situation. I wonder about the status of immigrant children in school life. What can you expect, how are they treated? Is the education of immigrant children of high quality in our country? What about teens and young adults? Are there many opportunities to enroll in a college?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on May 23, 2018

The biggest problem that you will find in your work is to find the stability is the time of constant changes in the immigrant tendencies. The current government is constantly trying to change the policy. Sometimes, they are successful. Other times, more questions arise and the changes are postponed or denied. I would say that a few years back, the status of immigrants in the U.S. was great. This was one of the most hospitable countries, especially concerning the Hispanic neighbors of ours. Today, I’m not so sure.

Many immigrant editorials mention that the actions of the current president are insulting towards our history and ancestors. Moreover, some of them even think that the changes in the immigrant laws can become a peril for the future of the country.

For example, here is an article that clearly supports the rights of immigrants and acts against the “slashing of immigrants.” This editorial mentions that the reduction of the influx of immigrants will not increase the number of job for the native Americans. It also states that such decrease will have more negative consequences that the positive ones. The country’s economy will be influenced greatly among other things.

There are many other immigration opinion articles on the Internet. As with everything else, the thoughts differ and people cannot come to a consensus. There will always be the supporters and oppositionists of any movement and change.

Speaking about the immigrant children education, the things are stable for now. Children have more benefits and freedom when it comes to education. Schools accept pupils from immigrant families and teach them just the same way as other children. What is more, the percentage of immigrant kids at schools is constantly growing. In some regions, there are establishments with more than a half of students being from immigrant families. I’ve heard there are even special schools for immigrant children. I cannot remember the exact state with such a school but there are several similar establishments.

When it comes to adult immigrant education and universities, things become more complicated. There are fewer places, the competition is bigger, and the financial issues are hard to solve. However, the higher education is too expensive for most people of the country, immigrants and natives alike. There are establishments that don’t mind your legal status. However, you should study all options and requirements when it comes to colleges and universities.


Ronald Miller2 years ago

I agree that the higher education in the U.S. is expensive and it is easier for a legal citizen to find any kind of financial help for their studies. However, there are a few organizations and charities that issue scholarships and grants for immigrants in need. While there are many schools for immigrant children, there are also some establishments to get higher education. Though the second number is a few times smaller, you can still find a decent place.

Here is a list of colleges that accept undocumented immigrants: This is information for all people who live in the U.S.A. but are not legal citizens. If you live outside of the U.S., you have to check the information for international or foreign students. Then, you will have to get a student visa.

This article is a result of the examination of dozens of evaluations of colleges in the country. It offers you a list of the most academically impressive options that are welcoming to non-citizens. Naturally, this is not the whole list of establishments you can apply to. 

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