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What imagery do "A Psalm of Life" and "Auspex" have in common? A. Both poems describe sand. B. Both poems use cloud images. C. Both poems make reference to the heart. D. Both poems refer symbolically to birds.

Kaitlin Dean

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1 answer

Rodney Fox on March 6, 2019

Both the poems "A Psalm of Life" and "Auspex" gives the reference images of the heart. The correct option is C. The poems are set in the serious tone. The poem "A Psalm of Life", which reflects that the soul cannot be defeated by the passage of time. It highlights the importance of the present. On the other hand, the poem "Auspex" indicates that the soul can be defeated by the passage of time. Images like birds, dead leaves and snow are some of the specific images, in the poem "Auspex."

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