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What if you only have two girls in your homeschool group and you like one but neither like you?

Jennifer Patterson

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Jeffrey Rodriguez on June 26, 2018

unfortunately you can't make people like you, and if you are being educated at home with some that know you well... too well what's more likely is that I've seen some parts of his personality that is not turn ons, forms of dress, wash, and be clean, to find out what the ladies like to talk with them, be nice to Both of them are girls, they tend to run together, one of them does not like you to get nether of them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ well, if you are one of those friends that you can go on "dates" (first so that only the person that you like) to the cinema or an ice cream or a mixture of these things are good, basic dates, the girls also love you forever if you go to the mall (or any type of crazy shopping) with them -Max~

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