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What if someone refuses to repay a loan?

Tara Andrews

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Daniel King on March 2, 2018

Deadbeat borrowers - Use Small Claims . If you have any proof you loaned money to someone, such as a contract, an I. O. U., an email discussing the loan, etc, and the loan is below a certain amount, you can take the person to small claims court to recover your money. Go to Google, key in "small claims court" and the name of your city and state, and you should find more information. I just went through this procedure to recover money from a deadbeat "friend", and I think that my local small claims court set the limit to claims involving sums below $1500.00. The court used a contract process server to alert my "friend who was being sued, and that's all it took for her to put a check in my mailbox the next day. It cost Me about $25.00 to fill out the paperwork in the court, and I had to pay the process server to another for $50.00. but I got my $500.00 back! Good Luck!

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