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What high school science courses are preferred over other science courses to become a pediatrician?

Justin Parker

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Caroline Campbell on November 5, 2019

Response . \nthe first of the classes that I would take would be biologies, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, etc I am an ex - science teacher. I am now a X-Ray Technologist and finish Nuclear Medicine school. I can already tell you that of course, I'm sure you are aware that they are on a long road of hard work of course and clinical work, but still quite rewarding. Biological characteristics to understand the function of the cell and role in relation to the systems of the body. Anatomy and Physiology to understand the "parts"/systems of the human body and physiololgy to study how the body in particular the systems of work. Finally, the chemistry to understand the function of how the chemistry plays a role in the biological ( medicine, drug facts, dosing information, etc) good luck with your effort from my part to you.

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