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What healthcare-related courses does UW continuing education offer?

I am looking for information on the continuing education courses provided by UW continuing education. It is vital for professionals in various fields including medicine to be on par with developments in their area via continuing education programs. In this regard, I have taken some continuing education courses. I finished my radiology continuing education course last month. In the future, I would like to take some occupational therapy continuing education courses as well as appropriate healthcare related continuing education courses from UW.  Does anyone have info about it?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 22, 2018

UW continuing Ed offers top of the class continuing education courses in healthcare, social services, and biotechnology. These courses will help you learn about the necessary skills and strategies for efficient implementation of duties in nursing, biomedical and biotech research, mental health, healthcare management, social work, and data management.

Here are a few of the excellent continuing education courses at UW. Adding these courses to your radiology cont. education course can give you a considerable advantage over your peers.

Cert. in Biotech project management

This online course will help you get comprehensive knowledge of product development. You will learn about the vital biotechnical skills required for a technical, regulatory, and clinical perspective.

This four-course program allows you to test your knowledge by applying it the biotech and drug development process. This course offers hands-on experience by providing some challenging tasks such as finishing a capstone project that mirrors the clinical development process, coming up with a project and presenting it, and using the Microsoft Project tool.

Be ready to take on this exciting biotech field with the knowledge you get from this certificate program.

Healthcare analytics Cert

In certificate course, you will gain top-notch skills and knowledge necessary for performance enhancement, data reporting, and other healthcare related measurements. You will learn about the types of data in health care. These include financial data, clinical data, pharmaceutical data, and operational data.

Moreover, you will learn about the most suitable tools for processing and sharing of various types of data. By the time you complete this course, you will be able to play an essential role in your organization’s decision making and thus go up the career ladder.

Applied Biostatistics Cert

Biostatisticians help in transforming raw biomedical data into applied metadata. They bridge the knowledge gap between biomedical research and public health where they inform government policies, introduce new methods for analyzing biomedical data, devise study plans, and train biomedical researchers.

This three-course certificate course will educate you on how to use statistical concepts to offer solutions to pressing scientific queries. You will get adequate training on Stata and R software to help you analyze data from medical and scientific research.

Do you want to gain knowledge to help you interpret and process results from biomedical data statistical analyses?  Yes? This course is ideal for you.

For an excellent occupational therapy continuing education course, I suggest this site for you: 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

I recommend UW continuing education for your CEs. I took a Certificate in Bioregulatory issues at UW, and I must admit it was the best CE I have taken in my career. It provided a fresh breath into my outlook of bioregulatory affairs.

This course won at everything. When it comes to content, this program provided in-depth information on various bioregulatory topics. It was easy to understand the concepts after reading through them a few times.

The class sessions are also fantastic. They are quite interactive and keeps you engaged the entire time. It is hard to miss out on concepts in such a learning environment. I enjoyed my lessons there. 

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