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What has the author Erwin Kreyszig written?

Justin Parker

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on July 31, 2019

Erwin Kreyszig has written: "Mathematics advanced engineering/ Advanced Engineering Mathematics' 'Advanced Engineering Math 8E with Student Solutions Manual Set "Advanced engineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematical physics, Engineering, mathematics, Toepassingen, classic Engineering 'Kreyszig Advanced Engineering Mathemati' 'Advanced Engineering Mathematics, A Self-contained Introduction (Maple Computer Guide) (Advanced Engineering Mathematics)''Instructor's manual for advanced engineering mathematics' 'Mathematica computer guide' -- subject(s): data processing, Engineering, mathematics, Mathematica (Computer file), Mathematical physics Mathematics 8th Edition with Student Solutions Manual and Mathematica Computer Guide Set', 'Advanced Engineering Mathematics 8E with Maple Manual Set' 'Maple Computer Manual for Advanced Engineering Mathematics' 'Differentialgeometrie' -- subject(s): Differential Geometry, Differential geometry 'Statistische Methoden Čeština und ihre' -- subject(s): Probabilities, Mathematical statistics, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide' 'Maple computer manual for seventh edition 'Advanced engineering mathematics" -- subject(s): Maple (Computer program), Engineering, mathematics 'Advanced Engineering Math 9th Edition with Mathematica Computer Manual 9th Edition Set', 'Advanced engineering Mathematics 9th Edition with Wiley Plus Set', 'Kreyszig Advanced Engineering Mathematics' 'Advanced Engineering Mathematics' 'Instructor's manual to Advancedengineering mathematics' -- subject(s): Engineering mathematics 'Mathematica to Accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics'

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