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What has been the impact of the US education reform on the society?

I am writing a report about education and would like to write about the reforms in the sector. I would like someone to share information about the US education reform. What does it seek to achieve? How has it been achieving its goals? How has been the reform journey? Which are some of the education reform companies and how have they impacted the society at large? Have all the people in the society embraced progressive education reform? Do we have people against education reform? Which are some of their fears? A comprehensive answer will be highly regarded.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 14, 2018

Various US education reforms have been implemented since the starting of public schools in the early 1800s. Most of these reforms have been brought about by the need to provide education that meets the needs of the people and the society at large. Since time immemorial, it has been vital for schools to produce students with right knowledge and skills needed in the society. The various changes that have taken place in the society have played a critical role in bringing about reforms in the education sector. In the society, there has been a need to enhance the accessibility of education to all people in the community, to provide high-quality education to all students, and to enhance the teacher-student relationship among others. There have been calls to embrace an approach that yields the best results. In most cases, the government has been slow to respond to these changes, and it has taken the efforts of many reform groups to bring about the necessary changes.

Various groups have emerged to take center stage in bringing education reforms in America and beyond. An excellent example of education reform company is This company has made it easy for teachers and students to access financial support by linking them with donors. This group has emerged as a result of slow response and lack of enough financial support from the government to finance vital school learning projects. Kaplan is another company that encourages the use of technology in learning. The company has been started in response to government’s reluctance in embracing the use of technology in schools. There are other companies in the education sector that have an essential role in its reform. The activities of most of these companies have been of great importance to scholars, teachers, parents, and the entire society in a number ways. First, scholars and teachers can now access financial assistance faster than ever before and don’t have to rely on the government. Second, the use of technology has enhanced the performance of many students. Lastly, learning has become easier and entertaining to many students due to the use of technology.

Progressive education reforms have been well embraced in the society. Most people are in support of changes in the education sector. However, not everyone has adopted these changes. There are some people against education reforms. Some people are against the establishment of charter schools to provide students from low-income families with school options. Some people believe that instead of coming up with such programs, efforts should be applied in enabling the public school to provide high-quality education.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

US education reform has been of great importance to all people in general. However, it is unfortunate to note that despite the existence of some problems in the public sector, the wrong approaches are used. Take for instance the public education; the main challenges faced in the industry are accessibility by the people living in inner cities and the issue of the haves and the have-nots. Instead of finding a way of making these schools accessible to people in this group, more resources are used on the wrong projects. As a result, the expected goal is not achieved. Another challenge associated with most of these reforms is that there has been an increased emphasis on improved test score and not necessarily improved learning. As a result, there is more emphasis on preparing for the test and not to improve education. More students are now concerned about reading and Mathematics, and there is little time left for subjects such as arts and social sciences among others.

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