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What happens when kittens becom orphans?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Karen Wright on August 3, 2018

I've had the same situation before. Buy cat milk and a cat bottle into a pet store to feed the kittens. Keep them in cosy warm places, and only give them hard food and let them out when they are old enough. In his first time in the open air(if you plan to make them outdoor cats) being around all the time to make sure they are not in danger. When you want to bring them inside, make a call, say the call and immediately bring them to associate the word with the one that goes in the inside and when they are older that they know that they have to come inside when you call. Keep saying that the call before bringing them inside until they start to go within themselves when they hear the call. That is when you know that they are trained to return home when it is called. The reward each time they do. For some it may take weeks and some can take months. Be patient and practice it daily.

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