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What happens during an ACTE conference?

My employer has asked us all to get geared up for the ACTE conference and many more upcoming events.  

This ACTE, in particular, is the first of the meetings. I have heard about it before and have always wondered what happens during its procession.  Getting some information on what to expect will help me much as I prepare for the event. I have no intention of showing up to an event seeming all clueless.

Furthermore, a little bit of background info will go a long way in helping me get the most from this gathering.

James Washington

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1 answer

Justin Parker on June 15, 2018

The Association for Career and Technical Education facilitates, plans, and hosts the ACTE conferences. These events happen in several parts of the country. During the processions, ACTE endeavors to provide educators with useful information and knowledge to enable them to offer high-quality CTE courses and programs to their students.  This goal is achieved by:

  • Providing Information on Professional Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) educators ought to be updated on the latest practices and developments in the sector to ensure that they provide their students with relevant knowledge and skills.

To ensure this the conferences hold sessions that inform CTE educators on the latest professional development courses they need to take to be fit to teach. It is at this function that you will learn about the various online development courses you can choose to boost your CTE teaching career.

You will also learn about various seminars, workshops, and forums you can go to learn about the many developments in CTE.

  • Providing An Opportunity To Meet ACTE Partners

ACTE partners are yours too given your role as a CTE educator. Attending the meetings gives you a chance to connect and interact with these crucial players involved in CTE. This connection can be quite useful to you if you would like to know the people liaise with to enrich your profession.

Some of the ACTE partners you will get to know more about include; the US Army, Advance CTE, Asia Society, Acter, Harbor Freight, Automation Federation, and many others.

  • Providing Information On Advocacy

Several policies guide this organization like many others.  Attending an upcoming event will help you get informed on the latest policies ACTE is championing. You will also learn about the procedures you need to take to take relevant action regarding CTE. Contact details to facilitate your communication will be availed to you during the conference.

If you have a CTE issue you want to raise awareness on, you can use the tons of resources provided by ACTE to achieve your target. There are useful guides to help you learn the advocacy process in entirety such as arranging meetings with policymakers, contacting the media, and so forth. Moreover, you will learn the steps to take to get your advocacy works published.

Thus, by attending this convention, expect to find sessions that will dwell on advocacy issues. These can be discussions, speaker-led sessions, advocacy activities, and other related tasks. 

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

The ACTE conference provides you with an avenue to learn about the different types of ACTE memberships. Being new to this issue there is no better place for you to learn about this meeting and how to get on board as a member than attending the function. Going to the conference will help you know the process to follow when signing up as an individual or organization. The latter has three membership subtypes (Educational Institute, Corporate, and Affiliate.)

Another event that goes on during the convention is the presentation session. You will get to view presentations on various topics related to CTE while there. These sessions are led by researchers and other speakers that submitted their projects ahead of the event’s due date. You will also get to learn the process to follow to make your presentations during future conferences if you wish to do the same.

I wish the best! 

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