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What happens at an SHPE conference?

While researching about student events, I came across the SHPE national conference. It got me interested, but I was unable to get any information on it. The site I landed on only guided on how to register for the event. I am an undergraduate engineering student of Hispanic heritage with a passion for gaining knowledge. Consequently, I think that I can learn a lot from whatever an SHPE conference offers. If there is anyone with information on what goes on during the meeting, please share it with me. So, can anyone help me?

Brandon Scott

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on May 18, 2018

SHPE conferences are some of the most renowned students’ events in the US. Typical meetings consist of an array of activities aimed at providing you with leadership training. Moreover, the conference aims to boost your connections in the engineering field by providing you with a forum to network with professionals in the sector.

Since the inception of the organization in 1974, several SHPE national conferences have been successfully implemented. During these forums, participants access multiple edifying programs, competitions, exhibitions, and events.

Here is a little more information on each of these:


SHPE programs aim to make you aware of various developments in the field of engineering. Furthermore, they facilitate you to access relevant STEM education as a

anic student. There is leadership development course you can do called SHPEology.

Some other programs you can take include:

SHPE Academics: This program supports those pursuing education such as you.

  • MentorSHPE: It allows you to form lasting professional relationships with other members of SHPE.
  • ScholarSHPE: It is an endeavor that seeks to provide you with financial support as a Hispanic studying STEM subjects.
  • SHPE Technology and Innovation: This course helps bring you up to speed with the latest technological developments in STEM areas.
  • SHPEtina: Provides you with useful knowledge and skills to reinforce your journey in STEM fields.


The following are some of the exciting contests you can expect to come across during this year’s SHPE meetings:

  • Hackathons: These are STEM-related exercises that aim to gauge your understanding of various issues. You will compete with other participants in these tests.
  • Nissan designing: This competition allows you to compete with fellow engineers in coming up with innovative Nissan designs.
  • Extreme Engineering Competitions: Here, you will get exercises and tests that gauge your comprehension of multiple issues in engineering. They are a bit complex, so expect quite a challenge.


Attending an SHPE meeting will provide you with information on relevant academic events happening each year. You will get information on STAR Awards. This event is exclusive to SHPE members. It honors, recognizes, and rewards corporations and individuals who support STEM learning among the Hispanic community.


There are informative exhibitions during SHPE events that give you knowledge about various products. These include services and other goods provided by sponsors of the occasion. Yes, multiple organizations and companies partner with SHPE to provide you with the best experience.

These include Nissan, Boeing, Intel, 3M, Chevron, to name a few. 

Kurt Price2 years ago

Still, at the SHPE conference, you can learn how to join as a volunteer. Often during the occasion, you will find a volunteer center. There, you can sign up for any relevant opportunities. There are many perks to being a volunteer. Once you qualify, you stand the chance of winning various fantastic prices.

Moreover, volunteering provides you with a platform where you can meet and interact with SHPE members and representatives. Creating such networks as an undergraduate student will set you on track to a successful and fruitful career.

You will learn about the various organizations and firms that you can work at while still in school. This information will give you a considerable edge over your classmates upon your graduation. Many companies prefer to hire those whom they have interacted with before as opposed to taking employees from an unfamiliar lot.

So, remember to sign up as a volunteer this year. 

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