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What happens after genetically modified plasmids are inserted into bacteria? A. The bacteria incorporate the plasmids into their main chromosomes. B. The bacteria make proteins from the inserted modified genes. C. The bacteria cause mutations in the plasmid genes. D. The bacteria reject the altered plasmids.

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Roger Moore on November 11, 2018

After the genetically modified plasmids are inserted into bacteria, the bacteria produce proteins from the insertion of modified genes.Explanations;Plasmids are small, circular strands of DNA that are present in bacterial cells and are capable of self-replication. Add pieces of foreign DNA into the bacteria, the scientists began to package the DNA of interest into the plasmid, then inducing the bacteria to take up the vector. This in turn makes the host bacterium of a new genetically modified organism. Once inside the bacteria, foreign proteins within the bacteria, that is, if the introduced DNA a gene that encodes a protein of the protein gene product can be studied by expressing in bacteria.

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