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What happened in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya during the Arab Spring? Citizens overthrew their dictatorial governments. Governments stopped protests quickly by using force. Citizens requested that the governments return to the ideals of the Qur’an. Dictators succeeded in overthrowing revolutionary governments.

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on June 12, 2018

The correct answer is option (a) the Citizens overthrew their dictatorial governments.The protests began in Tunisia when a young unemployed man was beaten by security forces. In frustration, he committed suicide.The actions were seen as an echo of the voice of millions of young people who believe that the dictator lived a life of luxury, while the common people find that it is difficult to earn a decent living.The dictator of Tunisia was overthrown and the protests eventually inspired similar uprisings in the Arab world's largest country, Egypt.Egypt was a success in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak and the democratic party of the Muslim brotherhood took over.In Libya, the Arab spring turned into a civil war that ended with the death of Gaddafi.

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