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What group sets hunting regulations in most states? the state legislature a wildlife management agency an environmental agency local hunting organizations?

Dana Keller

in Social studies

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on June 17, 2018

The answer is the Management of the Wildlife Agencies. These are the Federal Agencies charged with the responsibility to study, mitigate or control wildlife damage management issues, as well as to preserve the environment and support development within the united States. They try to balance the needs of wildlife with the needs of the people using the best available science. Wildlife management can include game, game maintenance, wildlife conservation and pest control. There are two types of universal wildlife management: the first is The manipulative management. This acts on a population, either changing its numbers by direct means or influencing numbers by the indirect means of altering food supply, habitat, density of predators, or prevalence of the disease. And the second is the custody of the management. This is the address where they become preventive and / or protection of wildlife.

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