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What good online university degrees do you know?

I am a bachelor’s degree holder in education. I took up job in a private school after my graduation and have three years experience in the field. Now I have a plan to do masters in my field. Some of my friends are of the opinion that I should look for online university degrees so that I do not need to give up my present employment. I don’t have much faith in online university degrees. My question is whether there are good online education masters programs? Can you suggest me some good places where I can find online masters degree in education?  

Samantha Stevenson

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 23, 2018

You seem to be one among those few who still doubt the power of online learning. The sheer reality is that online degrees of many universities today are more equipped than their regular on-campus programs. The reason is that online programs are the need of the hour. So, dear friend, you will find a suitable online masters program in education. Well, now let us try to find some good places offering masters in education online.

I think your first option should be the website of the University of Houston. They have a number of masters programs in education which are offered wholly online. The first masters program I found relevant for you is Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood Education. If you are interested in excelling yourself in teaching young children ranging from pre-kindergarten to 3rd grade, this course is for you.  There is another master in education program, named Curriculum and Instruction - Health Science Education, for those who want to teach in academic health science settings. A few other masters in education programs from the University of Houston I found relevant are Curriculum and Instruction- Learning, Design and Technology, Curriculum and Instruction- Mathematics Education, and Higher Education. From your question, it is not clear which of these will suit your needs the best. Visit the online programs page of the university using the link and select the course you want.   

Another masters program from a reputed university is the M. Ed in Learning Design and Leadership from the University of Illinois. This course is specifically designed for those teachers who are experienced in their profession. From the university website, it is clear that this course is offered wholly online. For more information, you can visit

Another similar program comes from the University of Georgia. The course is named M.Ed in Middle Grades Education. To join this course, you should have certification in teaching for middle grades. This 36 credit hours program is offered asynchronously and students can access their courses using their smart devices. In addition, there is an easy interaction between students and instructors along with excellent technical support. To know more about this course, visit the site at

Now, there are some popular courses from the University of Texas at Arlington. The courses I could collect from their website are Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction- Literacy Studies, Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction- Mathematics Education, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction-Science Education. The beauty of these courses from the University of Texas is that they are accredited by the SACSCOC and NCATE. Some other places where you can find recognized online masters degree in education are the University of Massachusetts, Purdue University, and East Carolina University. Well, that is not the end but just the beginning. There are many more universities and colleges offering online masters programs in education. Just don’t forget to check their accreditation and recognition before joining.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I like the pretty impressive list of programs you have prepared. But I think you forgot one of the best places when online masters program in education is the subject matter. The place is John Hopkins University, Baltimore. The university offers Master of Science in Education in a number of concentrations, ranging from school administration and supervision, reading, technology for educators, gifted education, and educational studies. One of my friends successfully completed the masters program in two years and was very happy with the way it went. However, here is my humble warning: online master’s degree is as hard as on-campus learning. You will need to invest a good amount of time to complete the course in a reasonable time. Another warning I would like to give is about the expenses. You will have to shell out nearly $840 per credit for this 33-39 credit program. I would like to leave the rest of the math to you.

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