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What goes on in Michael Jackson's head?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on June 5, 2019

First of all, he didn't turn white on purpose, he got a disese of the skin, vitiligo which made him white. WHAT NOW!!!!! And He never did that to a child...... I kno he's not...and he is an amazing singer and dancer.... Wow. You are so shallow that all you want to know about Michael Jackson is what they say to the media? To judge people you don't know what you hear is completely and absolutely wrong. First of all, he had a skin disease called Vitiligo in which the pigment in the skin dies and becomes white; my uncle has this same disease. In the second place, Michael was acquitted of all charges in both trials. And even the boy's description of Michael's genitals was wrong that the media never cared to say. In third place, Michael broke his nose on the stage, in 1979, and that's why he had to get a surgery of the nose; he did get another nose surgery, but that is only because the first was bad and I had trouble breathing, and singing. There was nothing wrong with Michael Jackson to the head, the media just liked to mess with him because he was the greatest thing at the time and it just grew with him until all the rumors and lies got to be so great that it overshadowed his career and his beautiful music. Michael never hurt a fly, and he has done so much contribution to this world, apart from his music. And he loved children, he never touched them in any way wrong; Macaulay Culkin even said that Michael never touched him in any way improper and that they were great friends. Now so sadly he has left this world and people are still talking thrash about him. He's gone now, thanks to the people that treated him like he was useless. Everyone should stop talking bad about him, people should have respect at least now that he is gone. I don't understand why people still talk about him in a bad way, what have they got to gain? As a fan of Michael Jackson I'm going to say that Michael was one of the greatest artists that have ever lived, in fact for me, he was the oldest, and his legend will live on forever. Rest in peace Michael, I love you and miss you immensely.

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