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What goes down during an international night?

Of all the student events in university, the international night entirely eludes me. I do not understand what happens during the occasion as I have never attended one. I am still a freshman, and this is my second semester in university. Last semester I participated in several events at the university. My favorite one was performing a music recital during the college music symposium. This event will be happening soon, and I would hate to pass up on an opportunity to showcase my talent. Excuse my jumbled thoughts, can you advise me on what to expect during the occasion?

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Daniel King on May 21, 2018

I think you are a passionate lover of music. Moreover, I gather that you can also perform this beloved form of art. So, I will start by lifting your spirit. You can recite music during international nights. These are events dedicated to showcasing the cultures and traditions of people from diverse countries and communities on this planet. Typically, these functions take place in the evenings hence the “nights” in the name.

So what happens during this students’ event? You can take part in this occasion as a facilitator or performer. Some of the happenings include:

Culture Shows

These are presentations that inform the audience about the way of life in the performer’s native country. It could be a culturally-themed play, song, or dance. Often, the performers clad in culturally- appropriate attire that depicts their heritage.

As a music performer, you can perform a piece that tells people about your heritage.

Music Concerts

It is the habit of many organizers of such events to grace it with a performance by renowned bands and musicians. Thus, do not be caught off guard when your favorite artist takes the stage to perform a string of their hit songs.


In some instances, the event infuses a noble course to it. Students and other people in attendance are asked to make charitable contributions towards various programs. These can be donations of clothing to be given to street families, food donations, monetary grants for the needy, and so forth.

Food Exhibitions

If you are in a position of cooking enough food for an exhibition, then you should go ahead and do the same. Make sure that the food is not the everyday mac and cheese we are accustomed to. Introduce us to your native food.

Moreover, you could ask a few people to set up the table and serve the food just like in your native setting.

Awareness Campaigns

Most of the times, these events center on specific themes. These themes are derived from current issues in your locale and even in the world. Thus, expect to get activities touching on the subjects in question. For example, you could get a stand that deals with battling obesity among the youth.

Make necessary plans if you would like to draw the attention of people to a particular issue in society to make it possible. 

Larry Warren2 years ago

This answer highlights some of the things you can expect to find during an international night. I will not bore you with information on the same as I might end up repeating; in other words, what has already been said.

I will, however, provide you with a little information on the importance of this occasion. First, it helps us appreciate our diversity. Learning about the culture and traditions of others helps us to become more accommodative. It helps in dispelling of misconceptions that we might be having concerning various customs.

Second, this event educates us on what to expect should we ever travel to foreign countries. In contemporary times, traveling the world has become much more common. You might have to shift to another country for work, business, or for pleasure.

An idea of the way of life in your country of destination will go a long way in making your trip successful. 

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