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What factors should I put in mind when applying for LMU study abroad program?

I have been looking for top study abroad programs since I am planning to undertake an art course in Barcelona. I have come across several programs but LMU study abroad program caught my attention most. I have had challenges getting adequate information for me to settle for the program and I would like assistance from people with knowledge about study abroad programs. I would like to know the steps I should take and the cost of studying abroad before applying for this program.

Eric Morgan

in Study Abroad

2 answers

2 answers

Taylor Bell on September 2, 2018

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Ramon Kelly on August 30, 2018

Different learning institutions have designed study programs that allow students to take a course program of their choice in any foreign country. As long as you fit the degree requirements; you can apply for the program. When I graduated from high school, I enrolled in a top study abroad program which allowed me to take a course program in Italy. Before I chose this program, I had reviewed several programs, and during my review, I managed to learn a lot about them. There are however some steps I would like to recommend before you apply for any study abroad program:

• Explore the types of programs offered
The study abroad program at LMU is integrated, and they provide different programs. Take time to go through these different programs offered by the institution. LMU has different programs that allow you to enroll in and are open to all students. There are summer session programs and also annual and termly abroad programs you can choose one that fits your interest. You can learn how these programs are structured and compare the programs that you would like to apply. In your case since you are looking for an art program, you can find information on the academic culture of the program and the location of the study center. Try to find the academic calendar the program follows and the level of on-site support given by the study abroad provider
• Identify your interests and goals
As you choose a study abroad program it is essential for you to select a program that aligns with your interest. You should be responsible for choosing an academic path that will help you achieve your academic and personal goals. Use your specific objectives to guide you to choose the course program. When you explore a particular region, you should consider this when making your choice. Ensure that the program you choose matches your interests.
• Determine your eligibility
Once you have selected the program; confirm that you are eligible to apply for the program. There are eligibility requirements that an applicant needs to meet to be able to apply for the program. Some of these requirements may be related to age, academic qualification, and language prerequisite.
• Understand the cost requirements
Look at the tuition expenses of undertaking the study abroad program. The cost of studying abroad should be within your budget. Estimate the cost you will incur the tuition fee plus additional expenses you will find the estimated cost of the study abroad program on the website.

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

Last year, I applied for a study abroad program with lmu to study in another country. I agree that all the steps are accurate since I followed it when making my application. I would, however, like to add that as you explore the programs you should consider the culture of the host country. Choose a study abroad program in a country that you will be able to adapt to the culture. It is also essential to familiarize with the credit policies of the study abroad program at Lmu. Understand what it takes to attain the graduate credit with the study program. As you confirm the cost of studying the program, you can learn about the credit-bearing study programs by contacting the registrar’s office. You can also inquire about the scholarships funds and understand how you could apply and the date for disbursement. 

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