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What factors should I consider before enrolling in any of the online graduate programs?

If I choose to undertake online graduate programs, will I get the same quality of education as those studying on campus? How will I be able to complete my research assignments? Are there facilities in my area to help me do this? Will the cost of online college degrees be lower than when I study at the main campus? Will my command of English enable me to have the best online degrees or will I require assistance with my English?  Is there a medical insurance for students taking an online degree just like for other students? Is there a medical facility within my area of residence if I require medical attention while study? Where will I stay and will my safety be guaranteed?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Donald Ward on March 19, 2018

The following should be put into consideration before someone decides to undertake an on-line graduate program:

  • The quality of education offered; consult widely with those who are more advanced in education so that they will help you make a wise choice. You may also want to find out the number of students taking the same course at the same time, whether the lecturer will be available when you need help and you have to know the selection criteria of the institution as these will also affect the quality of education offered.
  • Other factors of education; you should be certain that the area you choose to reside in as you study the on-line degree has research facilities that will be readily available and also if there are libraries where you can source research materials.
  • The cost; one should be able to know if the cost of studying a computer-based college degree is bigger or lesser than on-campus study. Consider other costs like the housing, food and other basic amenities that will be vital as you study.
  • Ability to read and understand English language; If you cannot be able to read instructions written in English and understand them, then I would recommend studying from the university as here you will enroll in a language class too.
  • Availability of healthcare; students who are not under online graduate programs have the privilege of accessing free medical help on the campus. If you have a medical problem and cannot afford to take on a personal medical insurance, your best option will be on-campus study.
  • Safety; Consider your security before you choose off-campus study as you would not want to put your life at risk in the name of saving up on the cost of studying.
  • Social activities; As much as most of us enjoy having our space, it is vital to engage in social activities and pursuing an online college degree may deny you the fun of being together with the other students. You may reconsider your choice if you feel that the area you have chosen to study from does not have enough recreational facilities.
  • Religious obligation; if you are a member of a particular religion, maybe Islam or Christian, you may want to study in a place where your freedom of worship will not be compromised. If the institution does not have room to practice religion, the studying at the computer may be the better option.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Before you choose an online graduate program, I always advise my students to fully understand the reasons behind taking the online degree course. Never go to school in order to fit in with your friends or because of pressure from parents and other relatives. Let your passion or the motivation to have a better job in the future drive you to school. Forced students always end up in the wrong groups on campus or in the neighborhood they stay. Top online degrees are only beneficial if they are given the attention and seriousness that studies require or it will be another waste of time. You will have wasted the resources that would have been useful in other ways and you will also have wasted your time which you could have used to do other meaningful things. Consider whether staying with your family will motivate or distract you as you study. If they can distract you, then the best option will be going on-campus study.

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