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What exercises can a 11 year old do?

Samantha Barber

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Curtis Rhodes on January 21, 2018

Pecs: try some dumbbell flys, decline bench press, bench incline, flat bench press, dips, and push ups. Abs: crunches, sit ups, leg raises, Hindu push-ups, planks, and dips. Triceps: (If you want big arms you want to train the triceps twice as hard as your biceps because your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm). dips, tricep extensions, close grip bar curls, close-grip push-ups, and push exercise. Biceps: concentration curls, hammer curls, alternating curls, standing curls, etc I am 14 and I have to do all of these and I"m torn. I have a total 6-pack, huge pecs, massive arms, but I don't stereroids.

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