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What excellent graduation ceremony ideas you know?

Soon my college will be turning four years old, and our first batch of students will be graduating. I am part of the organizers of the graduation ceremony and I would like to get it right from the first time.

I need useful ideas of what I can infuse to the graduation ceremony program to make it appealing to all the people involved. Can you provide me with any recommendations on how to make this event a success?

And please provide me with information on how to make the graduation reception a success for students.

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on May 18, 2018

Graduation ceremonies are an important event for both students and the institution of learning at large. These are the days when educators and students get to see the output of their hard work. The students celebrate on this day, not only getting grades prerequisite for graduating but also the mere fact that they have finished four years of studies successfully. Such an important day in the academic year ought to be properly planned out. This act will ensure that the event proceeds smoothly and with no hiccups. To ensure the proper and efficient running of graduation ceremony programs, you need to implement some of the following actions before and during the event:

  • Communicate In a Timely Fashion

Send out announcements regarding the graduation early enough. It will help various stakeholders of the event such as the chancellors, vice-chancellors, lecturers, students, parents, and so forth to plan for the event. This act is by far the best way to ensure that the ceremony is a success. It helps avoid last-minute and rushed preparations that often result in catastrophe.

The ideal time to make announcements for such an event is anywhere between six and eight weeks before. Make sure that you factor in the type of guest when sending your invitations and announcements.

Early communication is also necessary for making graduation receptions a success.

  • Shorten the Time of the Valedictory

The valedictory is the farewell speech provided by one of the graduates during the ceremony. A valedictorian is a person who gives this address. Often, this is the student with perfect scores, discipline, or is at times selected by other graduates.

During the event, it is essential to keep this speech short. People tend to switch off when long addresses are made. Allocating little but sufficient time for the valedictory will make it more appealing to the audience and will ensure that due attention is paid to it throughout.

  • Allow the Students to Walk To Stage for Their Awards

The graduation day is made for students. All the attention should be on them. Therefore, make plans to allow students to walk out to the podium to receive their certificates, diplomas, and degrees. I have been a student before, and I must admit that this is really great art of graduation ceremony. One feels good when is cheered by friends and family while receiving his/ her academic award. 

Karen Wright2 years ago

I’m still in high school, but I can already dream of my college graduation ceremony. I hope it will be an incredible moment for my classmates and me. I can start planning it since now. I’d like very much to be the one that reads the valedictory at the graduation reception, but I don’t know if my grades will be good enough for that. When I think about walking to stage to receive my diploma, I get very nervous. But I still have a few years to get used to the idea, and practice walking wearing high heels. 

Eric Bates2 years ago

I agree with the suggestions above. Graduation ceremonies ought to be all about the graduates. It is their big day. Therefore, I suggest that you make necessary adjustments in your program to ensure that the event is an all graduate affair.

Try to involve the graduates in as many processes as possible during the event. This act will make the ceremony resonate well with the students as they will feel adequately represented in an activity that is after all about them.

Ask students to perform some activities such as short plays, poems, and songs. If there is a prayer to be said, let a graduate take it up. You can also introduce some non-traditional awards to the event that only the students can relate to. 

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