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What exactly is an involvement fair?

I know that an involvement fair has activities for different student groups and clubs. However, I don’t really know who can take part in this event. How does it meet the needs and interests of the students? I’m particularly interested in the OSU involvement fair and other SU events. Can someone tell me more about them? I was wondering if there are any prerequisites for entering these events if you don’t study at OSU. I have heard such events are really great for students as they give them new opportunities.  

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on June 19, 2018

I think students’ involvement fairs are great for universities to absorb students in the institution. It is the ultimate method of making students feel at home in the institution. Making use of opportunities and celebrating cultures makes such events more meaningful. Most universities and institutions host these kinds of events for students and other members of the institutions. I doubt that students from other institutions are welcome in such events. These are meant for new and existing students of the same institution. Such events promote bonding among students. Students can find out how they can participate in various activities on campus and what the institution offers in terms of volunteering activities.

You can see nice food and good music during these events. Basically it is an excellent way to make students feel valued, especially those who have just joined and are preparing for the coming semester. Such events don’t just make a student’s life simplier, but mentally prepare them for their studies. The OSU student involvement fair is held twice a year, one in autumn and the other one in spring. The first annual event is scheduled at a time when students are on holiday, this year it’s going to be in September. The second is usually in January at the beginning of the semester.

You have mentioned that you are also interested in an SU event. Such an event gives students the opportunity to get involved with community development and to be a leader. It helps students develop leadership skills to form or be a part of a student union. It is meant to assist students and support their engagement in activities that help them make changes. Many universities host student union events, and anyone can be a part of it. There are no such prerequisites for entering such events, and you do not have to be prepared for them beforehand. These are mainly socializing events that give students an opportunity to learn more about their institutions which would otherwise not be possible because students are busy attending classes. If you attend these events, you can volunteer for many on and off-campus activities sponsored by your educational institution. Such events also provide recruitment assistance for students apart from notifying them about upcoming events and activities at the campus. You can connect with many student groups and clubs that suit your interests and socialize with like-minded individuals on your campus. 

Kurt Price2 years ago

Agreed. Involvement fairs are such a great opportunity to socialize on campus and learn things about it you wouldn’t have known otherwise. They offer an additional engagement accompanied by vacations. The fun-filled moments are most awaited by students who love enjoyment. Events like this empower the students to be vigilant about the flow of occasions that come by. It also presents a moment of bonding with other students within the organization. A perfect opportunity for bonding with students who have similar concern is presented in the student organization In such a way, the whole community is influenced in a good way. My college fairs are usually like festivals! You get free food and music, not to mention the giveaways and fun activities. Most fairs are free of cost, but I have heard some institutions charge an entry fee. In either case, such events are a superb way to spend a great time. 

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