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What events can you participate in on Veterans Day?

I’d like to know what interesting is there on Veterans Day. How do people usually celebrate it in the U.S.? Is there a Veterans Day parade your family visits annually? If so, what cities have the best performances to your mind? Are there also any Veterans Day freebies to enjoy?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on November 1, 2018

As you probably know, Veteran Day is celebrated on November 11, so, the options in most of the country are limited. While some states remain warm and can offer its citizens many activities, the rest of the country faces chilly weather and rains. So, it all mainly depends on the weather. If it’s sunny are relatively warm, our family prefers to spend it outside with as many relatives as we have. All grandpas and grandmas are for a treat this day as we shower them in love and take care of them. In fact, many families follow our example and spend the day outside as this is one of the last warm days of a year. Parks are usually full of families taking a stroll around.

Though this is a federal holiday that is observed even when it happens to be on a work day, many cities and states postpone bigger events until the closest weekend. Thus, you may not have many activities and indicators of the holiday on November 11, but the next weekend will be full of thematic events. This sometimes happens in our state.

Of course, there’s a parade on Veterans Day that we try to attend every year. They happen all over the country no matter what city you live in. Well, the smallest towns may lack them, but anything with more than 100,000 citizens surely has it. One of the biggest and coolest parades I’ve ever seen was held in NYC. Usually, there’re more than 20,000 participants alone, not to mention the countless spectators! I believe that this is the largest Veterans Day event in the whole country. However, there’s one more parade I’d like to highlight that takes place in Washington. It may not be as big, but the show is going to be impressive with all that aircrafts and military present. Though, I hear that there are some controversies about it and it can be postponed until 2019. Anyway, that’s one huge parade to visit next year then. For now, focus on the NYC Veterans Day parade.

As for the freebies on Veterans Day, they are a regular occurrence and the holiday wouldn’t be as popular without them. Here’s the list of freebies and discounts to pay attention to on this day -  

Charles McAleara year ago

That list of freebies includes some great offers that are completely new to me! And I thought my grandparent taught me everything about free stuff. It was surprising to see free haircuts offered in several places. This is the time to get the grasp of the 2018 fashion. As fun as I make it be, the Veterans Day list is really useful. I’ll surely notify my grandpa about free golf in Indiana at the Foster Park that isn’t far away from us. And the list goes on to include many other freebies and some very impressive discount offer from such places like Walgreens, Lowe’s, Publix, and so on.

It's inspiring to see how even the fancy restaurants offer free services to veterans and their families and show utmost respect to men and women defending world peace.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

Veterans Day makes us think about the contribution of military men and women to our prosperity and peace. So, commemorating them parades seems fair enough. As you’ve mentioned, there’re many of them on this day, though, I suggest visiting it at Colorado Springs, I’ve seen it firsthand and was very impressed as a child. They truly were amazing there a few years ago and should be just as great now. Also, the NYC Veterans Day parade is an event you have to see at least once in your life. SO, you are true about its scale and popularity.

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