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What event begins the play? (The tempest) A) A wedding celebration B) A princes coronation C) A shipwreck D) A secret meeting

Zach Chandler

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on February 19, 2019

The correct answer is C), of The play The Tempest, Shakespeare begins to that gives you the right Act I, Scene I: "On a Ship at Sea: A tempestuous noise." The dialogues of each character in the play, written in early modern English, but still not very easy to understand, relate to the situation you are going through, and in the first few lines of Gonzalo, one of the characters says: "Mercy on us...", "good-Bye, my wife and my children...", "good-Bye, brother..." "We split, we split...". So, there is no doubt that they are going through a shipwreck.

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