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What elements encompass learning motivation?

Learning is essential to everyone in life. It pains me to see many students fail to exercise their full potential because of learning habits that are not right. Motivation is an integral part of students’ path to achieving better results. Just like any other human motivation, students have to get the right track in education from tutors. It can be beneficial in attaining higher grades. Maslow motivation is known to everyone, but few students understand it. Unless one helps, we cannot make good use of our time in schools. So I would like to understand what encompasses learning motivation.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on October 30, 2018

Our daily experiences and achievements in life have all things to do with motivation. Having a positive drive that takes us through life allows us to achieve many things that otherwise without motivation we could not have achieved. It is clear that everyone needs a substantial force to push him or her to get to a new level or attain satisfying life. It is not different with students. They also have to be motivated since many have not reached their full development; they have little motivation that has to be boosted by the teachers.

Motivation in learning has to do with the choices and controls in the system. A learner has to feel he or she has a substantial level of control in a learning process. As a tutor, you have the mandate of making the right choices for the students to give them the right guidance through the learning process. However, there are instances where you can leave the students to make a choice and feel a part of the learning lesson. It provides a large and positive difference in the students’ motivation. Allowing students to develop a sense of mastery will work for most of them. When they know that they are consistently developing new knowledge, they become more motivated and make the learning process better for themselves.

It is a principle that cuts through humans motivation. Getting something new excites us and motivates us to get even higher. Our desire for achievements focuses on improving outcomes the goals we have and attaining concrete results. The same can be inculcated to students through schedule keeping. It helps them to develop the need to focus on personal accomplishment and create interpersonal associations that are essential to succeeding in education. Tutors can make discussion groups and ensure each student leads a particular topic in discussion. Everyone has a requisite for power that drives him or her to control others. Establishing chances that will allow all students to participate in leadership gives them the right motivation in learning.

As students advance, they get to understand the deficiency needs and growth needs that can keep them motivated through the entire life. They grasp motivation by Maslow that allows them to rank the needs and work on them progressively. The desires occur naturally but it is imperative for instructors to guide them, as they develop to channel them to the right direction. Since as anyone develops through the hierarchy, each level comes with different considerations that have to be balanced.

Jordan Soto7 months ago

Our development is based on the level of need we are able to satisfy. Every time we satisfy a certain need, a new need in the same sphere develops and our effort is directed to satisfying it. Motivation in students learning is getting them on the right track, helping them achieve a single goal in a subject and the process will run itself. Students will remain motivated because when they achieve particular grades in a subject, they want to surpass it in the next test. It is the reason for motivating them and letting the motivation keep them through the entire learning process. Learning motivation can make the teaching profession lovely when students develop a positive drive in learning and are enthusiastic in every lesson. It gives teachers reasons to be proud of their profession. I take delight in teaching a motivated class. 

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