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What education and training is required to become an aircraft pilot?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Samantha Barber on December 24, 2018

The web site of the FAA ( has many resources that focus on how to become a pilot, in many categories of aircraft. Go to the main page, then click the "Drivers" that is located in the upper-right corner, or go directly to this site: Get of Ray-Bans and a Big Watch to Get the license is explained in detail in the F. A. R. (Federal Aviation Regulations) part 61. This set of regulations tells you how much time is needed (Log Book Time). Solo Flying, Dual (flying with an instructor), Cross Country, Day, Night, IFR (instrument flight rules), VFR (visual flight rules), complex aircraft (aircraft with retractable landing gear and adjustable pitch propeller), how much Ground School, what are the topics Tobe covered in the ground school, and then if the flight training facility is a "school approved" by the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) the requirements are different. These regulations also explain the medical requirements, for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, in the Physics Class. because without a current medical certificate you can't fly. And then there are the classifications that are added to your license, such as ME (multi engine), Instrument rating IFR, Roter craft for helicopters, Flight Instructor, Type Ratings for aircraft over 12,500 lbs. Gliders, Airships, (like the Year Balloon) there are also rules for homebuilt aircraft, expermental, the acrobatics, the parachute jumpers. But first you must be able to read, write and speak English, because English is the universal language of aviation in the world. You also need to be of good moral character, has some cool Ray-Bans, and a great Watch. You have to live, breathe and eat aviation. Hang out in the airport all day, having someone to pay for it and support, you must be a relentless desire, because it is a long road to get to that left seat. and the Big money.

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