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What does this passage indicate about Gertrude? In this speech, Gertrude shows that she is more interested in flirting with Guildenstern and Rosencrantz than in helping Hamlet. The way that Gertrude orders people around in this speech shows that she is primarily interested in flexing her power. Gertrude’s dialogue shows her sense of urgency and desperation, proving that she is truly worried about Hamlet. Gertrude: Thanks, Guildenstern and gentle Rosencrantz; And I beseech you instantly to visit My too much changed son. Go, some of you, And bring these gentlemen where Hamlet is.With this dialogue, Gertrude shows that she is reluctant to trust Guildenstern and Rosencrantz but feels she has no other choice.

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on July 15, 2018

the answer is C. Gertrude of the dialog shows your sense of urgency and desperation, proving that she really is worried about Hamlet.

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