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What does this excerpt most suggest about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks? A:They believed that nature’s strength was wholly uncontrollable. B:They believed that nature’s wrath could never be overcome. C:They believed that the gods were frequently unfair in their actions. D:They believed that the gods often punished people for acting badly.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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1 answer

Cynthia Baker on May 6, 2018

The answer is D. In the Greek mythology, it was often believed that when natural disasters happened, it was the gods punishing that community. The Greek gods "smite" those who acted poorly, often resulting in death or serious industry. Some acts that can result in punishment include murder, gluttony, adultery, gambling, to name a few. In ancient Greece, nature was believed that the gods in the work, so a is incorrect, because they believed that the gods were in control of nature. B and C are also incorrect because they felt that if they acted the right way, it could avoid the wrath of the gods.

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