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What does thermal expansion of water mean?

Annie Barnes

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Ashley Howard on August 22, 2019

Most substances expand as their temperature increases. The water is actually an exception to this rule, since, below 4 ° C, water actually contracts as it heats up (and expands as it cools). This is why ice floats, because it is less dense than water. This is something very rare in the world of chemistry, and only very few substances exhibit this property. It has something to do with the stiffness of the bonds between the atoms and the molecules. I can't fully explain it, and the truth, I don't understand 100%. However, above 4 ° C, the water acts as "normal", that is to say, expands as it heats up. The more hot, the more volume it occupies. The expansion is not very significant in terms of the total volume of water.

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