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What does the Prophet Muhammad have to say in the sunnah about having more than one wife?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 11, 2019

Answer 1: it Is said that a Muslim can have two, three or four wives, provided he treats everyone equally and has enough money to keep all of them. He also says that a Muslim you can have as many concubines (sex slaves) as they can capture, with nothing about a concubine of the right to equal treatment. He says that these rules do not apply to the prophets, you can have as many wives as they like. _____________________________________________________________ Answer 2 . The answer above is misleading and does not reflect the truth of the facts. . Islam per Quran revelation to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) limited the number of wives that a cam marry maximum of four and subject to strict conditions. There was No limit of number of wives in the earlier religions and beliefs, including Judaism and Christianity. This limitation in Islam is imposed by the Quran and not by the prophet in the Sunnah. . Having concubines was a common practice before the prophet and was practiced by all faiths and religions all over the world. However, Islam, the religion imposed rules to limit to have concubines. as one of these measures, if one can not afford to marry a free woman that can be married legally a concubine after the approval of his parents and after giving a gift to their capacity. The other measure was that if you put a son of a concubine, then she should be released and announced as a lawful wife for him. . All marriages of the prophet Muhammad were subject to the instructions of God to him and for the support and benefit of religion and of the society and give practical examples of that you have the right to marry. He married who is older than him and is younger. he married the widow, and the virgin. He married the Muslim, the Christian and the jewish wife. etc . See the related question below.

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