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What does the maple leaf flower tattoo symbolize?

William Cain

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1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on March 29, 2019

In the religious symbolism, the leaf represents truth and honesty. Innature, the leaf provides oxygen and eliminates harmful carbonmonoxide. The sheet absorbs the sunlight and creates nutrition for theplant, which in turn creates the nutrition for the creatures that consumethe of plants, trees and leaves. Let create legal and illegaldrugs. Leaf tattoos can symbolize the arrival of spring and summeror signal of autumn and winter. The Olive leaf was sacred to the Greeksand represented victory and triumph. The Celts and the Druids praisedthe Oak, and believed its leaves were powerful, aidingstrength, wisdom, and long life. In heraldry, or Coat of Arms leaves mean happiness, faith, or endurance. Native Americans andJapanese alike tattooed leafs or incorporated in largertattoo designs.

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