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What does Students for Education Reform stand for?

When was students for education reforms organization formed? What are their objectives and who are the brains behind it? Are these only the students who advocate for these reforms in high school or am I as a parent required to put effort into the success of this movement? Is this the driving force of the current educational reforms I am witnessing today? A lot of reforms can be noted in high school. Are they connected with this high school reform? What platforms do the Students for Education Reforms members use to make sure their voices are heard? Will these platforms be enough to reach the relevant authority so that the grievances will be addressed?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 15, 2018

The organization is geared towards bridging the performance gap and ensuring that all children have access to an excellent education. This is done by organizing the undergraduates into taking up the leadership in education reform.

These advocacies are done at the local, state and national levels to improve the status of education all over the USA. The movement pushes for current reforms in education legislation and creating awareness of significant educational issues.

As for objectives of reforms in high school, they are brought to light by encouraging discussions regarding education reforms by students, inviting speakers, having inter-school board visits and conducting meetings over dinner.

Giving voice to the students who had to watch silently for long as their peers who had come from humble backgrounds or blacks (colored) were discriminated is among the main reasons for the formation of the movement of education reforms by students. This has greatly affected the appointment of school boards in terms of races inclusivity, opposed harsh school governance practices, condemn raids on the families of immigrants and fought for deployment of the qualified teaching staff.

Schools will never give students a chance to make their voice heard or accord them the power they need to exercise their rights. The students have to come together, create an agenda and empower themselves to demand the power to air their voice.

The voice of this movement was clearly heard when they backed the idea of placing teachers at the mercy of a system that is test-based. If forty percent of students failed a test, the teacher would be labeled as ineffective despite helping sixty percent of students to pass the test. A $450 million state aid to public schools would hang in the balance if teachers failed to sign that deal. The movement was bent on seeing the teachers sign the deal to ensure that the funding was retained.

SFER believes in the unlimited ability of every student and the power of public schools to change lives on an individual as well as a community level. They advocate for safe public schools that give every student the right to exploit their potential not regarding their color, economic status or background. Every student is entitled to equal treatment in education matters to make sure their future is secure.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

Despite much effort that Student for Education Reform has put, I feel that they have not addressed the real issues. They talk about the outcomes in academics but they do not talk about the factors that led to that state. They are yet to discuss how poverty has negatively affected the lives of school going children. The guardians of some of these students that SFER fights for do not even have a decent job to afford a decent meal or a safe house to live in. Some of these students shift from one foster home to the other and this negatively affects their concentration in school. The tutors may do all they can to make the students get exceptional grades but the real issues have to be dealt with to make the present reforms in education bear fruit. This commendable effort would bear more fruit if the real issues were handled by ensuring every student had access to basic human needs.

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