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What does self-empowerment mean and how can it be achieved?

People ask: “What is self-empowerment? What does it mean to empower? What is community empowerment?” I really want to know the meaning of these phrases. Can you try and relate the three aforementioned phrases? In addition I would like to understand what people mean when they say they need a confidence booster. I’m currently working on an article titled “how to focus on yourself” and I have very little information that can help me complete the paper effectively. Any useful information will be of great help: various aspects of self growth among other things that relate to personal focus.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 16, 2018

Almost every person who knows me can attest that confidence is among the dominant traits that I possess in spades. Two years ago when I met a longtime friend from college, he wanted to know what had made me to be so confident. I had to pause for a while and do a little introspection. Ten years ago, at the university, I was very strong-headed but I doubted if I had the right opinion on any subject or topic. At the same time I do not recall anyone having ever made any key decisions on my behalf. In some cases I had difficulty deciding on what to wear on any particular college day.

Two years after finishing my first college degree, I had an arranged marriage at the age of 26, I reached the land of the chosen few. Through the hard way, I had learned what the growth of self meant. I was in the home of brave and free man. I was in a different setting, a different country, among different people, with so little money, no friends and newly married to a stranger for a wife. My family was millions of kilometers away! Luckily I was able to communicate fluently in English, the product of convent education back in Bangladesh. I understand you are now wondering how I moved from there to here.

It was all about the empowerment of self. The general meaning of this phrase is taking charge of our personal life, making positive choices and setting goals and establishing ways in which they can be attained. In simple terms, it implies that we should understand our strengths as well as our weaknesses and bestow belief in ourselves. To me, self-empowerment was standing up for my personal beliefs, and at the same time executing plans around those beliefs, no matter what. Also, I had to focus on confidence boosters which implied all those things that could supplement my belief and hold me from falling. To me, they included my education, the language proficiency I possessed, agreeableness, desire to experience, my upbringing and my work that came to be my best friend and partner. In a way my personal empowerment came the burning desire to succeed. I was “hungry”, I was so hungry to attain more in life, hungry to accomplish my responsibilities, hungry to be a free man and above all hungry to overcome the all the stumbling blocks that were on my path.

To you, and any other person who has so little to spend and so much to gain, my story will teach how to focus on yourselves. This is what it means to empower. You can empower yourself, your friends or the community. To answer your other question, community empowerment, is when you focus on helping other people around you. It is when you do something to transform your neighborhood, school or a hospital from its current situation to a better standard. Always, the mother of all forms of empowerment is self-empowerment. Just use part of this response to develop your story.

Emily Alexandera year ago

Wow! What an explanation! I think whoever asked the question should just copy and paste this text on their journal or blog. The story is so educative and inspiring. Personally, I do not recall staying even in a separate town away from my mother. It is a lesson I have learned and I think I should now opt to move away from home and try my luck elsewhere. I so much need to focus on my confidence and self empowerment since they go hand in hand. It is two-way traffic personal-empowerment builds confidence and on the other hand confidence builds the empowerment of oneself. Independent decision making is paramount to personal growth. Be hungry! Work extra hard! Think outside the box and be the strong force of empowering behind your success.

Kurt Pricea year ago

I could not agree more with the inspiring experience given. I always say self empowerment begins taking charge of your life. You should be able to acknowledge that you are the master of your fate and not just accepting what comes your way. You should be able to take responsibility of your life and develop principles that you stick by. A person who is self empowered lives a content life by being who they are and make decisions aimed at enhancing their self growth.

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