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What does quality education mean?

The recent discussion about the benefits of education in the country leads to a question what does it really mean? How do you determine whether it is high-quality or not? Do you take into account only the average grades of the students? The number of diplomas received? Do great educators make a big enough difference? As any other undergraduate, I would like to receive a “quality education” whatever it means. Is there any official education statistics that can tell us where to look and how get the best possible option?

The whole notion seems so abstract to me that it is hard to fully understand it. What do you have to say?

Naomi Doyle

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 5, 2018

This is a very interesting question. I agree that the issue is very abstract and you have to dig deep to understand the basics of the question. I’ve done quite extensive research on the topic. Truly, many people are speaking about the problems in the system contradicting the major benefits of the education.

Education For All: Global Monitoring Report 2005 mentions two main factors that determine the quality of education. The first objective is the general  learners' cognitive development. The second is “education's role in promoting values and attitudes of responsible citizenship and in nurturing creative and emotional development.” The objectives are again very abstract and may include many factors.

Yet again, to my mind, we have to differentiate the secondary education and the higher education as the needs and the requirements are quite different.

If you are talking about primary and secondary education, there are several points that create quality when combined. First of them is the subject balance that includes how the subjects are divided and taught. The pedagogic approach is a crucial factor as well. How well the classes are taught, what techniques teachers use. Child-centric active pedagogy not only builds up knowledge but also develops critical thinking and the problem-solving skills. A great educator will always take that into consideration.

There cannot be any quality in education without feedback. It improves learning and teaching practices, helps to understand the parts that need improvement. Ideally, the education cannot be standardized for all students. Preparing a child for the grown-up life should fit the child’s needs and their personality. Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources for a personal approach and have to make standards suit an average student.

Unfortunately, the statistics in education are not so great nowadays. Many professionals are talking about the issues that we have in the system today. The quality of higher education is believed to be declining. The universities are not providing their main objective to ensure the students with the necessary skills to get any job of their major. In addition, the higher education institutions are meant to help their graduates in finding a decent job which is not a reality today. The underemployment rates among students with degrees are impressive. How can we say that the education in the country is quality when the statistics are so poor?

Before you look for a college to get into, look at the requirements for the jobs you wish to get and compare them with the materials taught by the course.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

The educational policies are changing too rapidly today to speak about the quality. Yes, there are some universal measurements that qualify the education we get. However, there is no consistency in the system to show fair results. Of course, our society cannot progress without changes and the government’s objective is to improve the state of education in our country.

Great educators are pondering on the alternations that have to be made, but everything has to be put to test to know the results. We can theorize about improving something but only practice will tell us whether it works or not.

I think that the higher education may be in a poor state because the right changes have not been done yet. However, I believe that quality education is possible for us in the future when we finally find the balance between the “how” and “what for” in the education system.

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